Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thankful for being a Mom twice-over

As the new year opened, a new member of our family arrived, and I am thankful for this blessing. I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last January 24, with no complications on my repeat low segment caesarian section.

My last pregnancy seven years ago was another story. I was emotionally not ready to have a baby at that time so that was also something I had to resolve along the way. It took a good three months along the family way for mother to settle in me. And when the big day arrived, a new complication surfaced.

I was scheduled to be induced that day, the deadline my OB set. She said if labor had not begun by this date we had to induce the baby lest she eats her S*#T inside. No labor that day, so of we, my husband and I, went to have ourselves checked into the hospital. I was admitted around four in the afternoon and was wheeled into the Labor Room by eight in the evening.
For 24 hours, I was strapped into various monitoring devices so they can measure my heart rate, blood pressure and labor pains while I was being induced. But the 24 hour deadline passed without a peep from my baby. So I was sent back to my room to rest awhile and guard against fetal distress.

The next day, I was wheeled back into the Labor Room, strapped into the monitoring devices and exchanged greetings with the now familiar doctor residents. After a few hours, they were rushing me into the Delivery Room for an emergency caesarian section. I can tell from the look in their faces that something was wrong. They weren’t telling me anything, just that I had to be operated on. It turns out, my baby’s hearbeat comes and goes, the monitor can barely pick up her heartbeat. Fortunately, when they opened me up, it wasn’t really fetal distress. My baby was lying face up in the upper cavity which made monitoring her heartbeat difficult.

This time, however, there was no drama of this kind involved. Everything went smoothly. Although there has never been any apprehensions on my part about this pregnancy, nor the other one, a vague cliche stirs in my mind. That a woman, at every pregnancy, is putting her very own life in the life when bringing forth a new one. Actually, I just received news that a woman I knew who lives in the province died giving birth at almost the same time that I did. There was no question in my mind then, , when I was being wheeled into the Delivery Room for that emergency CS, and now, that if I were presented a choice to save myself or my child, I will gladly give up mine for hers. So I whispered a silent prayer and apology to my husband whom I might not see anymore, and just braced myself for the worst.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that point.  I am still a CPD case this time but with no complications now. And for that I am thankful.

I am thankful for every booboo I can kiss away. I am thankful for every protest ation before bath or dinner. I am thankful for the sweet smell of their breath (sometimes). I am thankful for being a mom.

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