Friday, February 25, 2011

Updated: Win a Unisilver Watch!

I know this is kinda late to launch a campaign but I would still take the risk. I am asking for your help. I am asking you to please leave a comment in my post HERE. Any comment will do, but please try to make it relevant, one that stimulates and discussion and engages other commentators.
IF I WIN any of the major prizes in’s ExtraBLOGnanza, I will raffle off a brand new Unisilver Time Watch to one of the lucky commentators in that particular post.
To qualify, all you have to do is
LEAVE comment HERE, together with your email address so I know how to contact you in case your name was drawn in a MANUAL raffle.
This is not a requirement but it would be nice if you could also follow my blogs via GFC, subsribe to my feed and follow my tweets.
That’s all.
We only have until Monday, yes, THIS MONDAY, February 28 to spark a long thread of comments. The winner in my giveaway will be anounced after the winner of’s contest has been announced, meaning sometime in March.
Let’s go! Let’s keep the comments rollin’!

Contest deadline for's ExtraBLOGanza has been moved up to 30 April, which means I'll be adjusting my deadline too. You can still palce your comments on Blogging and Me. For more entries, please leave a comment on ANY blogposts in my other blogs, Kaututang-Dila and At the Homefront. I'll also be counting as entries all the email subscriptions and GFC following. :) You can also reblog this and share on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media.
To recap:
5 entries for a comment on Blogging and Me post
5 entries per reblog (the more blogs the better!) Please leave your blog post link.
1 entry per Facebook share (up to three times daily)
1 entry per tweet (Tweet this, "Comment and Win a Watch! " UP to three tweets daily with at least an hour in between ) Please leave your tweet link
1 entry for each extra comment on other blog posts
1 entry per blog that you joined via GFC
1 entry per blog for email subscription
1 entry for each share - Please leave your link
Simple enough? Thought so too!
To make things simple for me too, I am asking you please leave a comment in this particular post (the contest post) FOR EACH STEP that you made. Kindly include your email too. :)

Please, please, please comment away! We're in this together!


  1. Hi...I'm joining your contest...Here is the question that I always ask mommies like me every time I meet my mommy friends..."WHEN IS YOUR LOWEST MOMENT AS A MOM?". Mine? I'm in my lowest moment if I see/think of mommies who drop-off and wait their kids in school, personally tutor their kids and most of all always available during school events. If only I have so much and need not work, I just want to stay with my son all the time. I know all this hardship and sacrifices will pay-off and my son will also understand that I hate every second that I am not with him....

    I had a nice time hopping into your blog...Hope I win...

  2. I also want to be with my kids most of the time. I know they feel the same way. but I also feel that we should have enough personal time to do what we would like to do. some "me"-time would be beneficial for kids too to explore the their horizons. I'm at my lowest when my daughter contracted pneumonia when she was 1.5 years old only. I felt like a failure as a parent.

    thanks for joining the contest. by the way, to qualify, please leave your comments on this post:

  3. More power and goodluck to your blogging career. I also tweeted about this contest. Hope to win also. =) God bless.

  4. I left a comment on your contest entry and joined in the fun too!

    here's hoping that we both win the coolbuster contest


    emiliana.sison AT
    GFC follower as luckyfinds
    twitter follower as @millette05
    subscribed via email feeds


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