Saturday, November 6, 2010

Raket Online for WAHMs/SAHMs (and guys too!)

Working from home can be a viable option for everyone. It can be a sideline or a full-time work, depending on how much time you're willing to free-up. Here are some ways of earning some bucks online.


Link from Blog lets your blog earn for you by enticing clients to link to your blog for a fee.

Paid reviews
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Blog Advertising is perfect for those with the gift of persuasion. You can use your skill to write reviews or your opinion about a blog, a website or a product. And you get paid for it!

Hire Me Direct
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If you love interacting with people through forums, why not sign-up in myLot, by clicking the banner, and get paid for what you have to say.

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OR you can be an influencer. Tell the world what you like and you earn from every click made on the product or service that you are endorsing.

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Working freelance can be a viable option for people looking for other sources of income. These are some of the more popular choices. They have a stable clientele and workforce. They also offer qualifying tests to their workforce which they can use to better promote their services.

USER/">Freelance Jobs

JOIN SKILLS for Projects.Com

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Pinoys are suckers for a discount. Introducing Ensogo and CashCashPinoy which cater to our miser ways. These do not only offer great discounts to products or services of up to 50% , they also reward Php 100 for your referral you give them!

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Get your Php 100!Sign-up now!


To ensure you get paid for all the hard work you're doing, don't forget to sign-up in PayPal or AlertPay. These are internationally recognized online money transfer companies that is trusted by millions across the world.

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This post is but a partial list.

I also encourage my readers to share their online rakets here. Let's share the love!

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