Monday, November 8, 2010's Christmas Card Making Contest is getting into the Christmas Spirit! It recenly launched another exciting contest which will be giving away very nice prizes, as usual!

I am thinking of joining in on the fun but don't know anything about digital design. Boohoo! But I'm posting this anyways to let you all know how you can win fabulous prizes.


1. Create an online Christmas card using any software you’re comfortable with, illustrating the following theme:

Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon

2. Post the Christmas card you created on your blog and link it to As a caption, include this below your Christmas card:

Celebrate Christmas 2010 with, the leading online classified ads and buy and sell website in the Philippines.

3. To qualify your entry, email with the following details:

Subject: My Sulit Christmas Card Entry

URL of blog post:
Sulit username:
Contact numbers:
Viral posts (if any):

What's exciting about this contest is that not only will be giving away prizes to the the Grand Winners, they'll also be holding a raffle to at least three categories, making sure that no one gets left out.


1st Place: Apple iMac
2nd Place: Apple iPhone 4
3rd Place: Apple iPad

Viral Poster Special Award: Apple iPhone 3GS
People’s Choice Award: Apple iPhone 3GS

1 Raffle Winner among all contest participants: Blackberry Curve
1 Raffle Winner among for viral posters: Blackberry Curve
1 Raffle Winner among all voters: Blackberry Curve

For complete mechanics, click this link.

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