Friday, February 25, 2011

Updated: Win a Unisilver Watch!

I know this is kinda late to launch a campaign but I would still take the risk. I am asking for your help. I am asking you to please leave a comment in my post HERE. Any comment will do, but please try to make it relevant, one that stimulates and discussion and engages other commentators.
IF I WIN any of the major prizes in’s ExtraBLOGnanza, I will raffle off a brand new Unisilver Time Watch to one of the lucky commentators in that particular post.
To qualify, all you have to do is
LEAVE comment HERE, together with your email address so I know how to contact you in case your name was drawn in a MANUAL raffle.
This is not a requirement but it would be nice if you could also follow my blogs via GFC, subsribe to my feed and follow my tweets.
That’s all.
We only have until Monday, yes, THIS MONDAY, February 28 to spark a long thread of comments. The winner in my giveaway will be anounced after the winner of’s contest has been announced, meaning sometime in March.
Let’s go! Let’s keep the comments rollin’!

Contest deadline for's ExtraBLOGanza has been moved up to 30 April, which means I'll be adjusting my deadline too. You can still palce your comments on Blogging and Me. For more entries, please leave a comment on ANY blogposts in my other blogs, Kaututang-Dila and At the Homefront. I'll also be counting as entries all the email subscriptions and GFC following. :) You can also reblog this and share on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media.
To recap:
5 entries for a comment on Blogging and Me post
5 entries per reblog (the more blogs the better!) Please leave your blog post link.
1 entry per Facebook share (up to three times daily)
1 entry per tweet (Tweet this, "Comment and Win a Watch! " UP to three tweets daily with at least an hour in between ) Please leave your tweet link
1 entry for each extra comment on other blog posts
1 entry per blog that you joined via GFC
1 entry per blog for email subscription
1 entry for each share - Please leave your link
Simple enough? Thought so too!
To make things simple for me too, I am asking you please leave a comment in this particular post (the contest post) FOR EACH STEP that you made. Kindly include your email too. :)

Please, please, please comment away! We're in this together!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Pell Grants for Moms - Sponsored Post
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Pinay Mama's Birthday Blog Giveaway Ends 3/8

Pinay Mama is having a giveaway. Prizes range from $50 to domain and hosting for a year, to Good Shepherd Ube Jam, to Ecs, to a Baby Bond Nursing Sash. From all the possible prizes, I would really love to get that Baby Bond Nursing that’s perfect for a breastfeeding mom like me. (By the way, check out my new blog, The Nanay Diaries). Of course, winning the $50 won’t be bad at all.

But getting back to my Nursing Sash, in order to score that, I would like to appeal to everyone to please, please join the contest by clicking the button in my post. I just hope that's how it will be counted because the post didn't say how they'll check the most referrer. Crossing my fingers now!


The exciting prizes at stake:

1st place


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2 domain and hosting for one year

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2nd place


1 domain and hosting for one year

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1 domain and hosting for one year

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Consolation Prizes:

4 winners of $5 via for the first 13 contestants who completes the requirements!

Special Prize:

The contestant with the highest number of referred people to the contest will win a Baby Bond Nursing Sash Couture worth $35.

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Rizal Stamp Design Contest, Ends 2/28


I. The Contest

In celebration of the sesquicentennial birth anniversary of Jose Rizal, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, in partnership with the Philippine Postal Corporation, is launching the 150th Birth Anniversary of Jose Rizal Postage Stamp Design Contest.

II. Objectives

The contest is designed to commemorate and celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal on June 19, 2011. It aims to promote awareness of the life, ideals and greatness of Rizal and his contribution to the development of Philippine nationhood.

Participants will have the chance to interpret their perception of the national hero and his significance in Philippine history.

III. Mechanics

1. This contest is open to all college students, amateurs and professionals.

2. The contest theme is “Rizal: Haligi ng Bayan”

3. Together with CD with file in jpeg format, entries must be submitted in vertical format 8 ¾ inches x 11 ½ inches mounted on ¼ size black and white illustration board (please note that the actual stamp size is 30 x 40 mm).

4. The artwork must be accompanied by a write up or interpretation of the theme and the design in 100 words or more.

5. Artworks must be executed through computer or digital art. There are no restrictions as to the use of colors in the artworks.

6. The name, address and contact number of the designer together with the name of the school, if a student, should be attached at the back of the illustration board.

For complete contest mechanics, click here.

Rizal Photo Contest Ends 5/19

Calling all Photography Enthusiasts!!! Yet another way to explore your craft, earn some moolah and know your heritage, the National Historial Commission is hosting this photo contest.


This is a commemorative project of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).The Contest shall be open to all Filipino citizens from ages 10 to 75 years. Officials and employees of the NHCP and their immediate families, are disqualified to join. Professional photographers are welcome to join.


The subject of interest is their local Rizal Monument found in the town plaza, school campus, town hall, capitol grounds, hospital lawn, or on a public park. Each contestant shall submit only one DIGITAL photo entry in JPEG file format using a digital camera. Photo entries should have a minimum resolution of 10 megapixels. Full shot photo of the subject should be included for identification and record purposes. Photo entries must be unaltered. Professional photographers are required to submit both the RAW and JPG photo files.

Each entry shall contain the NAME, AGE, ADDRESS, CELLPHONE NO., NAME OF SCHOOL/OFFICE/ORGANIZATION/PROFESSION of the PARTICIPANT. The entry shall also include a brief description of the subject RIZAL MONUMENT, the date it was erected, and its artist if available. The photograph may include people on the area for scale reference. Only color photo entries shall be accepted. The photo entry should not be renamed.

Each participant shall submit his entry via email transmission to: e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Those without direct access to the internet can submit their entries to their respective Local Government Unit at least three days before the deadline date to avoid late entries. The LGU will be the one to transmit their entries to the NHCP.

Period of submission shall be from December 30, 2010 to May 19, 2011. The Contest will officially end at 5:00 P.M. of May 19, 2011.

All photo entries received during the period of submission shall be the property of the NHCP. The original owner can retain his digital copy of the submitted photo for his own purposes except for publication.

Photo entries shall be judged according to the following criteria:

Photo composition25%
Photo quality25%
Monument appreciation25%
Message conveyed by the photo25%

A Panel of Judges composing of 5 members shall select the winning and representative entries. The members shall choose among them the chairman.

All decisions by the Panel of Judges shall be final.

Date of judging entries shall be from May 20, 2011 to June 17, 2011.

Awarding date shall be on June 19, 2011.


First PrizePhp50,000.00 + Certificate
Second Prize
40,000.00 + Certificate
Third Prize
30,000.00 + Certificate
1000 + Certificate + NHCP books

Let me just grab my camera and my purse and I'm off clicking on statues of Rizal!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Show Your Heart - Photovisi Contest Ends 2/28

I've stumbled into this contest a while back but haven't the time to post it until now. I wanted to join too but life just went to fast for me to sit down and plan my moves for this contest. But I am hoping that one my readers will be able to join this wonderful contests, especially those who love to take photographs, to digiscrap and stuff.

Photovisi is inviting everyone to join their photo collage contest which is open until February 28.

Here are the rules:

Contest rules

1) Your collage must show a heart form somewhere. This can be done in many ways, for example by using your hands to create a heart shape by combining multiple images together.

2) Each contestant may submit only one collage contest entry. When you submit more than one entry, only the last one is selected for the contest.

3) All photos in the collage must be your own work, and you must own the right to distribute the photos (no celebrities, cartoon characters, etc.).

4) No children under 13 are allowed in the photos. Only persons 16 years of age or older can participate in the contest. You must have the consent of those whose faces are visible in the photo collage.

5) Photovisi reserves the right to display and/or publish any contest photo collage in Photovisi materials (including print, electronic and website) without credit. Photovisi also reserves the right to forward any photo to the media without credit, if requested for use with publicity or editorial articles regarding Photovisi.

6) All contest entries are screened for appropriateness and quality. Photovisi reserves the right to reject any collage entry without notification.

7) Winners will be notified by e-mail. You will be required to respond to this email within 7 days or an alternate winner will be selected.

8) All taxes, surcharges and fees on any prizes are the sole responsibility of the prizewinner.

9) An alternate winner will be selected when you have been selected as a winner but didn't follow all contest rules.

BUT first you have to login or create an account with Photovisi first.

I'm rooting for fellow Filipinos to win the Apple iPad being given away. We are such hopeless romantics afterall. Why not put this to good use? :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Regaining my Prenatal Shape!

I have just given birth and as expected, gained “pregnancy weight”. I usually weigh around 115-118 lbs, more on holidays (teehee!). I fall under the “normal weight women” in my prenatal book and I should gain 25-35 pounds this pregnancy. So, let’s see, I started at around 117 pounds on August 2010, the first time I had my prenatal checkup (I was in my 4th already). By January 2011, a week before my due date, I was weighing in at 148.5 pounds. That’s a total of 31.5 pounds gained!

To start off, I wasn’t really the skinny girl who always fit perfectly into any type of clothing. I tend to gain weight easily, which I can also shed off just as easily if I engage in any physical activity. At my thinnest, that was after I had Leptospirosis, I weighed 108 pounds. As much as I would love to maintain that weight, I looked very frail and sickly. That was also the only time that my thunder thighs weren’t thundering anymore! Yes, no matter how skinny my upper body looked, even if my collarbones were jutting out, my thighs are bigger than they should be, which makes it harder for me to look for jeans that fit and look great on me.

Another thing that bothers me is upper arms. They’re not really big BIG but they do tend to wave back when I wave my arms. They’re soft and flabby. I didn’t really realize how much weight I’ve gained for this pregnancy until I saw the picture my hubby took. My face was so full and my arms were so big! I didn’t look this big in my previous pregnancy.

Look at those arms! On the way to the operating room for my repeat CS.

But as I’ve said, I do tend to gain weight easily. I give in to my cravings totally and don’t regret it ever.

I have not enrolled in any gym or any other fitness class to keep my weight down. I simply cannot spare the money for membership fees. But I do see the need for me to exercise and continue being active. Being fat and carrying all that excess baggage makes me feel sluggish. I don’t care much for my size, but I do hate feeling so heavy. I have two left feet and grace is not my middle name, so any added bulk makes me move even more slowly. It’s a good thing though that I’ve got quick reflexes, accidents are minimized this way.

Anyhoo, I can only remember two times that I’ve been active in burning some fats. The first time was in 2007, when my sister-in-law brought home Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs. And the second time was last 2009 until the first half of 2010, before I got pregnant.

Hip Hops Abs was a fun way of keeping in shape. An hour of dancing seems like a split second. Yes, I only exercise for an hour everyday, but boy, do the juices flow! I sweat like a horse! My love affair my Hip Hop Abs only lasted a few months, two i think. It was shortlived but worth all the sweat.

This last time however, I had no particular fitness guru to lead me. I just made up a routine that I thought targets my worst enemy, my thighs, plus some cardio exercises. I set aside an hour each morning for my exercise. Okay, I cheat sometimes and wrap things up after only forty-five minutes. I alternately jog in place and do lunges. That’s for the first 30 minutes. After that, I attempt to do some push-ups (I can do until 20!), some thigh and butt tightening exercises that I still remember from Shaun T’s video.

Both times were effective in controlling my weight gain. I eat a lot, mind you. Even as I exercise, I don’t cut down on my carbo intake. I actually eat even more when I exercise. My husband even commented once, “anong klaseng tiyan meron ka?” because I usually eat every hour. My reason for this is that I eat in small amounts only. I quickly feel full after a small meal, but I do get hungry easily too. That’s why I always have en emergency snack pack in my bag. It’s usually a biscuit or some candies that can stave off my hunger pangs until I can get a decent meal.

Occasionally, I do engage in trekking trips with my friends. I prefer this kind of workout than those that keep you cooped up in a room for an hour or so with other sweaty creatures. Trekking relaxes my mind and soul and strengthens my muscles. But I guess this activity will have to wait until such time that I can wean myself away from my nursling. J

This year, I plan to getting back into my prenatal shape. The pounds don’t really matter much to me. Muscles weigh more than fat, and I plan to build some muscles. Not the pandesal-type ones, I just need to tone my problem areas. My thighs too need a lot of help. I did a lot of sitting in the past nine months, and my thighs are telling the story. I think I’ll get back to doing lunges to trim down my thighs. Actually, I need a lot of work to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.

And because I am breastfeeding, I have to stick to my healthy diet. Less carbonated drinks, more water. More fruits and veggies. Less salt and fat. And I thought I could go back to eating just anything I want after I give birth!

I know it’ll take some time before I can get this plan rolling. I’m still operating on less than 6 hours of sleep each night. I feel tired most days. And catching up on sleep is all I can think of. I do need to start on my healthness plan as soon as possible to regain, not only prenatal weight, but also to give me more energy for the demands of motherhood.

Here’s to living healthy not just for yourself, but for others too!

Fat Girl No More Health/Fitness Plan Contest Ends 2/28!

Who can say she (or he) never had a bad day? One when you feel bloated or fat? Fat Girl No More, as it turned 1 (Yey!), is giving us a chance to share our health and fitness plans for the year to engage in the Battle of the Bulge.

Simply answer :
What is your weight loss/health and fitness goal for this year and how do you intend to achieve this?

The contest is open until Feb. 28!

To know more about this contest and how you can earn raffle entries, go to the contest page.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So! FAB Shoe Giveaway

Little Miss Dress Up is giving away shoes from So! Fab.

All you have to do is follow these steps to qualify:

How To Join:
1. Visit to check out the shoe collection.
2. Choose a pair of shoes you'd like and two other options.
3. Follow So Fab's twitter site at
4. Like So Fab's facebook at
5. Follow LMDU's twitter site at
6. Like LMDU's facebook page at
(No twitter/facebook account? You're still welcome to join!)

OPTIONAL: To increase your chances of winning....
- Make a post about this contest on YOUR personal blog!
- Follow Rosanna & Hanna's twitter accounts: or
- Follow LMDU here on blogger/google reader!!


This is my top choice! Hope I win some!

Thankful for being a Mom twice-over

As the new year opened, a new member of our family arrived, and I am thankful for this blessing. I just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last January 24, with no complications on my repeat low segment caesarian section.

My last pregnancy seven years ago was another story. I was emotionally not ready to have a baby at that time so that was also something I had to resolve along the way. It took a good three months along the family way for mother to settle in me. And when the big day arrived, a new complication surfaced.

I was scheduled to be induced that day, the deadline my OB set. She said if labor had not begun by this date we had to induce the baby lest she eats her S*#T inside. No labor that day, so of we, my husband and I, went to have ourselves checked into the hospital. I was admitted around four in the afternoon and was wheeled into the Labor Room by eight in the evening.
For 24 hours, I was strapped into various monitoring devices so they can measure my heart rate, blood pressure and labor pains while I was being induced. But the 24 hour deadline passed without a peep from my baby. So I was sent back to my room to rest awhile and guard against fetal distress.

The next day, I was wheeled back into the Labor Room, strapped into the monitoring devices and exchanged greetings with the now familiar doctor residents. After a few hours, they were rushing me into the Delivery Room for an emergency caesarian section. I can tell from the look in their faces that something was wrong. They weren’t telling me anything, just that I had to be operated on. It turns out, my baby’s hearbeat comes and goes, the monitor can barely pick up her heartbeat. Fortunately, when they opened me up, it wasn’t really fetal distress. My baby was lying face up in the upper cavity which made monitoring her heartbeat difficult.

This time, however, there was no drama of this kind involved. Everything went smoothly. Although there has never been any apprehensions on my part about this pregnancy, nor the other one, a vague cliche stirs in my mind. That a woman, at every pregnancy, is putting her very own life in the life when bringing forth a new one. Actually, I just received news that a woman I knew who lives in the province died giving birth at almost the same time that I did. There was no question in my mind then, , when I was being wheeled into the Delivery Room for that emergency CS, and now, that if I were presented a choice to save myself or my child, I will gladly give up mine for hers. So I whispered a silent prayer and apology to my husband whom I might not see anymore, and just braced myself for the worst.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that point.  I am still a CPD case this time but with no complications now. And for that I am thankful.

I am thankful for every booboo I can kiss away. I am thankful for every protest ation before bath or dinner. I am thankful for the sweet smell of their breath (sometimes). I am thankful for being a mom.

We would like to thank all the sponsors of Pinay Mommy Online's Thanksgiving Giveaway!!

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This Giveaway is still ongoing. I am inviting you to join in, and when you do, please write "" at the Referred By field when submitting your entry.

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