Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Discounts!

Two discount divas have come into town, CashCashPinoy and Ensogo. CashCashPinoy is a local entity while Ensogo has branches in different parts of the world. Both offer wild discounts you never even knew possible, and even at off-peak seasons too!

Here are their amazing deals if you would like to try them. Deals close at a predetermined time, so they might not be available next time you log in. Catch these now!

P250 for P500 Worth of Services at Skin Care, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center

50% Off: P250 for one All-Day Pass to Splash Island (Up to P500 Value) 62% OFF ! Only P250 for a Rejuvenating iYoga Session in Makati!

For only P200 experience a taste of authentic, delectable and flavorful Indian cuisine at Legend of India (Valued at P500)

P500 Only for Sculptured Nails or Brazilian & Underarm Wax (Valued up to P1100)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Blog Giveaway!!! is such a generous person for sponsoring this blog giveaway. Imagine, two Fossil ladies watches up for grabs and a Kate Spade kikay kit!

I entered her first blog giveaway a few months back. She gave away a Fossil ladies watch then, but now, whoo! This is certainly a Level-UP !

I need a watch but I couldn't really bring myself to splurge on them. Most of my watches were given to me as gifts, and in very reliable, old school Casio brands. Or else, another brand with doesn't really live up to the standards. Mga sumpungin! Now, when a ran into some cash last year, I treated myself to a Casio watch. Nothing fancy though. I even bought it on sale! That's how much of a cheapskate I am!

So winning this Fossil Ladies watch would be a very nice Christmas gift, indeed! Keep your fingers crossed, ladie, toe fingers included!

Friday, October 15, 2010



TO my first ever mini blog giveaway winner, Congratulations Jhitomi! The entries are numbered according to chronological order. And Jhitomi, having the least number of entries, is the luckiest of all! I'll be contacting you soon for your mailing address.

1. Marizen Villamora
2. Marizen Villamora
3. Marizen Villamora
4. Marizen Villamora
5. Emiliana Sison
6. Min
7. Min
8. Min
9. Min
10. Min
11.Emiliana Sison
12.Emiliana Sison
13. Emiliana Sison
14. Emiliana Sison
15. Jhitomi
16. Jhitomi
17. Curtney
18. Curtney
19. Curtney
20. Curtney
21. Marizen Villamora
22. Marizen Villamora
23. Marizen Villamora
24. Emiliana Sison
25. Emiliana Sison
26. Cornelio23
27. Cornelio23
28. Cornelio23
29. Cornelio23
30. Cornelio23
31. Cornelio23

Thank you to everyone who participated! I'm looking forward to host more and bigger giveaways in the future! Keep posted!

Got bitten by the Human Nature Bug!

Yep, you heard it right. I just got bitten by the HUMAN NATURE bug! I heard about this from a friend, Verabear.

I was looking for a good way to earn a few moolahs which won't mean being tied down to a regular job (a strict office setting is just not for me). So aside from freelancing as a writer, I decided to sign-up as a Human Nature Dealer.

It wasn't an easy decision, everything about money isn't an easy one, mind you. So I had to go back to their website again and again just to make sure I am doing the right thing investing my money and effort into a dealership with Human Nature.

I read about their advocacy and this is what clinched it for me. They are partnering with local organizations all-over the country to provide them with raw materials, like citronella and lemongrass essences. As part of their vision, Gandang Kalikasan, the company behind Human Nature, envisions that Gawad Kalinga communities be trained to produce all the organic ingredients for the production of Human Nature Products. So, this is not just good for the body, it's also good for the Pinoy Soul.

Spread the Love and be a Human Nature Dealer yourself. Let me assist you. Just leave your contact details in the comment section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (this sounds like a machine talking!)

Or you can always take the Human Nature products on a test drive first and order from me.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

POWERBALL! Dress Up Your Mask Contest

Fans of Powerbooks can look forward to a an exciting weekend next week. With the barangay and SK elections heating up the local politics, it would be nice to take a much needed breather just before we cast that vote for our barangay. Powerbooks is holding a Powerball which will have a Dress Up Your Mask Contest, among others!

How to join:

1. Participant must be a Powerbooks Facebook fan.

2. The Powerball mask can be claimed beginning October 9 at the customer service counter of these participating branches:
a) Powerbooks Trinoma
b) Powerbooks Greenbelt
c) Powerbooks ATC
d) Powerbooks Shangri-la

3. The PowerBall Masks:
a) Blue mask – Free for Powerbooks Facebook Fans. This entitles you to a 10% discount.
b) Yellow mask –Get this for a minimum purchase worth Php 500 from October 8 to October 22, 2010 at any participating branch. This entitles you to a 20% discount.
c) The 10% and 20% discounts are not applicable to items marked X, XP, bargain items and magazines. Valid only on October 23, 2010 at Powerbooks Greenbelt.
d) The masks double as your invitation to the event.

4. Guidelines in decorating the masks:
a) Each participant is allowed to decorate one (1) mask.
b) Execution- There is no theme and participants may use any materials at their disposal. Make it as original and wickedly creative as possible!
c) Participants must bring their masks on October 23, 3PM for display and judging.
d) Winners will be awarded after the main program.

Other activities:

and here's one I would love to see, LITERARY COSPLAY CONTEST

Be a Powerbooks Fan now and go to this event on October 23!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

51st KRAKOW FILM FESTIVAL 23 May – 29 May 2011



The 51st Krakow Film Festival (51st KFF) will be held from 23 to 29 May 2011. The aim of the Festival is to present and review documentaries, animated films and short feature films in three competitions as well as in other festival sections. The competitions include:

The competitions include:

  1. international short film competition open to documentaries, animated films and feature films with a running time of 30 minutes or less.

    Polish premiere is not required but preference is given to the films that have not been screened in Poland at any festival held before 51st KFF.
  2. international documentary film competition open to documentaries with a running time of:
    * 30 to 60 minutes
    * more than 60 minutes

    Only premieres (i.e. the films that have not been screened in Poland at any festival held before 51st KFF) will be accepted.
  3. national competition open to films made in Poland with a running time of:
    documentary films - 60 minutes or less
    documentary films - more than 60 minutes (NEW!)
    animated films - 30 minutes or less
    feature films - 30 minutes or less

    Subject to the Selection Committee's decision, the films submitted for the national competition may also participate in the international competitions. Polish premiere is not required but preference is given to the films that have not been screened in Poland at any festival held before the 51st KFF.

Only the films completed after 1 January 2010 are eligible for competitions.

The Festival Director shall decide whether the film has been admitted to the competition.
The Applicants may not appeal against the Festival Director's decision.
The Organisers may withdraw from the requirements included in these Rules and Regulations for films of exceptional artistic value.
The films submitted for the previous editions of KFF that were not selected for screenings as well as those already screened will not be considered.

The non-competition sections include:

Subject to the Selection Committee's decision, the films submitted for selection and not qualified for competitions may be screened in the non-competition sections of the Festival.


There is no fee for a film entry.

Films shall be submitted exclusively on DVDs.

Selection deadlines:
30 November 2010
for films completed before 31 August 2010
4 February 2011 for films completed after 31 August 2010

In order to be considered for selection films must be submitted using an on-line entry form available at and a preview copy must be delivered as scheduled above (not later than 7 days after the deadline) to the following address:

ul. Basztowa 15/8a
31-143 Kraków
tel./fax: +48 12 2946945

If the above deadlines are not observed or the on-line entry form is not duly completed, the Organisers have no obligation whatsoever to admit the film. Preview copies (DVDs) submitted for selection will not be returned.


The films selected for competitions shall be made available to the organizers free of charge.
Applicants shall be notified of the film admission or rejection by e-mail, fax or post at least 30 days before the beginning of the Festival. The list of the films admitted to competitions and non-competition sections shall be published on the Festival website as soon as the selection is completed.

If the film has been admitted to festival screenings, the applicant is obliged to send the following materials:

  • film stills
  • a photo and biography of the director
  • a dialogue list in the original language and in English

The following formats are eligible for festival screenings: 35mm, BETA Digital PAL and Blu-ray. All copies must be subtitled in English (unless English is the original language of the film).

PLEASE NOTE: Films on CD-ROM, DVD, HD, BETA SP NTSC or BETA Digital NTSC will not be accepted.

Film copies shall be delivered by 10 May 2011 to the following address:
Kijów Centrum
Al. Krasińskiego 34
30-101 Kraków


International short film competition:

  • Golden Dragon for the director of the best film
  • Silver Dragon for the director of the best documentary film
  • Silver Dragon for the director of the best animated film
  • Silver Dragon for the director of the best feature film
  • Honourable Mentions

International documentary film competition:

  • Golden Horn for the director of the best film
  • Silver Horn for a the director of the best medium-length documentary
  • Silver Horn for the director of the best full-length documentary
  • Honourable Mentions

National competition:

  • Golden Hobby-Horse for the director of the best film
  • Silver Hobby-Horse for the director of the best documentary film
  • Silver Hobby-Horse for the director of the best animated film
  • Silver Hobby-Horse for the director of the best feature film
  • Honourable Mentions

The People's Choice Award is an audience award to the best film presented in the competitions.

The Dragon of Dragons, a special lifetime achievement award, is granted by the Programme Council of the Krakow Film Foundation for the outstanding contribution to the development of documentary and animated film. In 2011 it will be bestowed upon an animated film director.

For more details and information about the organizer, click this.

For the online entry form, click this.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

International poster competition for students on the theme: ‘Water is Life’

We are calling on all students studying fine arts, design, communication design and architecture to enter the international poster competition ‘Water is Life 2010/2011’.

The aim of the competition is not only to demonstrate that the younger generations are prepared to bear their share of the responsibility for our world but, first and foremost, to publicise the message that ‘Water is Life’ to a broad public by means of worldwide exhibitions.

This is even more significant given the fact that on 28 July 2010 the United Nations General Assembly incorporated the ‘right to clean water’ in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Worldwide, 884 million people have inadequate access to clean water and more than 2.6 billion people do not have basic sanitation. Each year, around two million people die as a result of drinking polluted water, most of whom are children,” explains UN Ambassador Peter Wittig (source: Zeit online).
However, as with the entire Declaration of Human Rights, the right to clean water is not binding under international law.

The inclusion of this article in the Declaration nevertheless has an important symbolic value and will enable a certain degree of influence to be exerted in politics, business and society.

In addition to the aims outlined above, the competition also provides an opportunity to showcase young creativity from all over the world on a global scale. The one hundred best posters will be presented in travelling exhibitions around the world, accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue with further entries.

The organiser of the competition is the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK) in collaboration with Professor Heinz-Jürgen Kristahn from the Berlin University of the Arts and Professor Lieyan Wu, Rector of the Nanjing Arts Institute, Chin

All posters have to include the following text:

  • in German: ‘Wasser ist Leben’
  • or in English: ‘Water is Life’

Further text information or slogans can be added if desired.
Up to 4 posters can be submitted per entrant (as individual works or as a series)

All posters must be submitted digitally (by uploading them online) and must meet the following requirements:

  1. Format: DIN A4 (21.0 cm x 29.7 cm, portrait or landscape format)
  2. Resolution: 400 – 600 dpi
  3. Colour mode: RGB
  4. File format: JPEG (Quality factor: 10 – 12)
  5. Maximum file size: 15 MB
  6. File name (This should be named as follows: surname, first name, country, date (year-month-day) and, if several submissions are made, please number them consecutively)
  7. Example: ‘Doe_John_USA_2010-11-08_No.01’
  8. Brief description of the poster concept (see Online Form)

On filling in the competition form (which you need to fill in online and upload with the poster file!), the entrant confirms that he or she is the exclusive copyright holder and author of the poster.

Submitting the filled-in form also authorises the competition organisers to use the submitted posters in one or more exhibitions, on its competition homepage, in a catalogue and for publicity purposes for the exhibition(s).

Prizes and publication

1st Prize: 5000 Euros
2nd Prize: 3000 Euros
3rd Prize: 2000 Euros

An expert judging panel will select the best 100 entries, which will be presented in a catalogue and shown worldwide in a travelling exhibition.

The 100 successful entrants will all receive a free copy of the catalogue.

In addition to awarding prize money, the organisers can also purchase individual posters.

For more details, click here.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

“CHILE: ODES FROM THE PHILIPPINES” : A Poetry Contest for Filipino Students

This contest is open to all tertiary education students, meaning those attending college, until November 30, 2010.

How I wish I am still eligible to join, the 1st prize is $1000! No kidding!

To enter the contest, one must submit a poem written in celebration of Chile. Only one entry per participant will be accepted. So you better make sure your one entry is written flawlessly.

Click here for complete contest mechanics.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blog Giveaway Update

Thanks for joining my mini blog giveaway! It's still a pretty slim turn out but I'm hoping there'll be more joining in on the fun!

As promised, here's the weekend tally for the giveaway:



Subscription to feed

Blog Follower

Link to FB

Blogged the giveaway


Post in any forum

Total points

Marizen Villamora






Emiliana Sison






Min Viloria
















Keep on sending your entries! Gain more entries by inviting more people! Post this giveaway in your Facebook or Twitter account, or in any forum you are a member of to receive more entries.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Express Your Art Photo Contest 2 -- GO GREEN

A year after the devastation that Ondoy and Pepeng brought, Thunderbird Resorts launches its second photo contest to "create awareness, promote environmental balance and instill commitment."

The good news is, this contest is open to both professional and amateur photographers. This is the perfect oppurtunity to use those pricey, fashion/social statement DSLRs you bought and maybe even stand a chance of winning for yourself a cool P250,000!

And there is no need to hurry ---- yet. The deadline for submissions is on December 2010. So there's still plenty of time to think about how you will attack this year's theme.

For complete details, click here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Psi Bands for Nausea Relief and Breast Cancer Awareness: A GIVEAWAY

I have been exposed to traditional Chinese medicine, particularly accupuncture, through friends who opt for a more holistic, non-chemical approach, to their health. Over the last few years, wrist accupuncture is gaining popularity to help relieve nausea. Imagine what this means to pregnant women like me!

Being pregnant, one cannot take just any medicine to relieve her of that awful nauseous feeling. Psi bands ('Sigh' Bands) are the perfect answer. It is a company created by two moms who wanted a more natural approach to this unfortunate side-effect of an otherwise wonderful journey.

But Psi Bands aren't just for pregnant women. They can also be used to combat that nasty feeling of motion sickness, chemotherapy and anesthesia. They also come in a variety of colors so even men can wear them, fashionably!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Psi Bands is giving away this Color Play band (picture above)! To be involved in a good cause and snag a giveaway, follow this link for the original blog post.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My 1st Blog Giveaway!

In celebration of another weekend (ok, I've got no other valid reason for having this giveaway) I will be having a blog giveaway! Actually, my first ever giveaway!

You can say that I am a bargain hunter. The cheaper, the better. And if I can get stuff for free, I'm in seventh heaven. And I'm sure lots of you would like that as well.

So, in the spirit of getting freebies and sharing the blessings in the blogosphere, I am giving away two items to one lucky winner!

A Chickflick necklace PLUS a pair of dangling earrings!

(sorry the pictures don't look too cheerful, but their color is really great!)

If you want to win these items, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions below:

1. Leave a comment below with your name and contact details. (1 entry)
2. Subscribe to my feed. (1 entry)
3. Follow this blog. (1 entry)
4. Link this giveaway in your Facebook account (1 entry)
5. Blog about this giveway (1 entry)
If you've got multiple blogs and decide to post it in there as well, more entries for you (1 entry per blog entry/link)
6. Post this giveaway in your Twitter account. (1 entry)
7. Post this in any forum (1 entry)

For every step you've done for additional entries, please don't forget to leave the link to your post on the COMMENT page so I can tally your entries.

The deadline for entries will be on 12 noon, October 15th, a Friday! The winning entry will be drawn through Random. org. Winner will be announced by 6 pm the same day, barring any unforeseen circumstances.