Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Blog Giveaway!!! is such a generous person for sponsoring this blog giveaway. Imagine, two Fossil ladies watches up for grabs and a Kate Spade kikay kit!

I entered her first blog giveaway a few months back. She gave away a Fossil ladies watch then, but now, whoo! This is certainly a Level-UP !

I need a watch but I couldn't really bring myself to splurge on them. Most of my watches were given to me as gifts, and in very reliable, old school Casio brands. Or else, another brand with doesn't really live up to the standards. Mga sumpungin! Now, when a ran into some cash last year, I treated myself to a Casio watch. Nothing fancy though. I even bought it on sale! That's how much of a cheapskate I am!

So winning this Fossil Ladies watch would be a very nice Christmas gift, indeed! Keep your fingers crossed, ladie, toe fingers included!

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