Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Please Help me Win this Watch for Hubby!

I want this watch not for myself but for my husband. I have been
wanting to give him a nice watch. But as always, the finances get in
the way. I would rather spend a thousand pesos on food than on a piece
of accessory no matter how essential. "He has his cellphone naman," is
my quintessential reason or alibi.

Also I am giving birth this coming January. He can sometimes be so
engrossed in whatever it is that he's doing, work or play, that for a
while the world around him vanishes. And these are the times when he
forgets to charge his mobile. This frustrates me so much! He has to be
here when I give birth, and with this K-swiss watch, hopefully, he'll
be reminded to file his leave of absence and get by my side IN TIME!

This is my entry for Buyonline.ph's All I want for Christmas.

I am asking you to please help me win this watch for my hubby. You can do this by:

1. 'Liking' the Buyonline.ph Fanpage and then Clicking 'LIKE' in my entry, and,

2. REGISTERING in Buyonline.ph and Putting my Email, EleanorGanda@gmail.com in the Referred by field

This would mean so so much to me. Thank you!

By the way, you can still join the All the I Want for Christmas Contest Promo and I will gladly return the favor.

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