Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am the IdeaPad S Series!

Which Lenovo Ideapad Am I? There's no question that I am one of the laptops in the S Series. We share the same characteristics.

Portability: Hay naku! You can take me anywhere, from the sosy malls to the lowliest tiangges. I don't have a problem communicating with other people so I feel right at ease wherever I am.

Affordable: Naman! Let's just make tusok-tusok the fishballs for dinner! I can live with that. :) Bet, my hubby's so glad I've got such cheap taste. haha!!!

Simple: I maybe a typical Taurean who loves everything sensual, but I am also practical. Oh and yes, I accept gifts in cash or in kind!

Bluetooth, Wifi: Now, now. this probably refers to my ever attentive chismis-antenna! I travel a lot but I make it a point to update myself on everything, especially my friends' lives. This I do thru Facebook, text messaging and good old chikahan!

Hi-def graphics: Ask anybody and they will tell you the same thing, I am such a bad liar.

I can't tell a lie with a straight face even if my life depended on it (knock on wood). My face is so transparent that my emotions show even if I try to hide them. Most of the time, my facial muscles operate independently and betray my feelings.

This is my official entry to the Lenovo-PTB Great Laptop Giveaway

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