Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mili Power Solutions for the Techies!

In this day and age when posting an update status and pictures of everyday activities constitute a normal virtual life, a multi-tasking phone going low-bat on you is enough to drive someone crazy. Imagine a riding on an elevator going down very fast, that sinking feeling in your gut is the same thing a virtual-life deprivation can cause you to feel. All because your batteries gave up on you.

I have personally experienced this and it feels so awful. Within an hour of disconnection, my fingers start to itch. My thoughts constantly dart back and forth to my email and facebook accounts. Are there new emails I’m supposed to receive? New updates from my friends? I dunno. Just some stuff I need to check. Again.

So anyways, my cellphone battery just couldn’t take it and died out on me. What do I do now? I can go hunt for that certain burger joint that offers free charging stations. It was a good idea, until somebody decides to pick up a cellphone or gadget plugged in for charging that’s not his. I’m not saying that it has happened to me but that’s not a far possibility. You leave your gadgets there, for pete’s sake! You can’t very well keep an eye on them all the time, even if you’re only a couple of feet away.

For my dilemma, which I’m sure I don’t have a corner on, Mili launched a number of products that cater to the gadget-loco generation. Mili Power Solutions introduced three chargers that are very sleek and portable.

Power Crystal

Power Miracle

The Power Miracle and the Power Crystal are chargers designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod series and most other mobile phones. They are only as big as a touchscreen phone! You just plug this in the USB port of your laptop and you’re good to go. They also come in a variety of adaptors so you can charge whatever gadget you have that needs charging too.

On the other hand, the Universal Charger has the essential 4 worldwide adapters and a car charger. Now this is perfect for the globe-trotting, island-hopping techie! It also comes with a set of adapters of your different gadgets.

But for little ol’ me, I can settle for a Power Crystal in white (I love white-colored gadgets!) which I can wear dangling from my neck! How cool is that!

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