Monday, August 23, 2010

Manila Blogs is Giving Away 5 Nokia Phones!

I've blogged about the Nokia phone the Manilamommy is giving away. But I've decided to up the ante by blogging about its sister blogs too (and thereby incresing my chances of winning! yay!)

Manila Fitness is giving away this Nokia 3720 which is perfect for people who like the outdoors. It is dust and water jets resistant! It also comes with a 2 mp camera that you can use to capture the sights and sounds around you. It also has a camera light that you can concert into a flashlight, which is what I love the most (except for its built-in FM radio which come in handy when I find the silence deafening.)

Manila Shopaholic is giving away this Nokia C5. The sleek design is perfect for every fashionista. It's also very lightweight so it wouldn't be hassle when you do your shopping. It also comes with an Ovi map application, that way you won't get lost scouring the metro for those hard-to-find bargains. I am personally lovin' this white phone, but it also comes in warm gray.

Manila Blogs is giving away this Nokia C3. Bloggers will love its qwerty keypad which makes typing a breeze. It also has a one click access to social networking sites, email and chat platforms. Downloading or uploading photos will also be easier because of its WIFI feature.

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