Sunday, March 13, 2011

Please Vote for my Entry

Calling all Derek Ramsey oglers! In Kumiko Mae's contest,"Who is your Ultimate Male Giveaway?" I answered Derek Ramsey. Yes, I think he's hotter than Will Devaughn, pero dalawang ligo lang. It was a close fight I tell you.

Here's the deal. I answered Derek Ramsey to Kumiko Mae's question but the winner will be determined by the number of most LIKES. I usually stay away from contests like this, but I just can't help blurting out to the whole virtual world that Derek is a god. Especially after that Red Mobile commercial, he looks so cute. So rough yet to tender. *sigh*

So here's the link. Please don't forget to invite your friends to LIKE my entry too!

Also, please continue sharing your thoughts on my post for's ExtraBLOGanza. Deadline has been extended to end of April. I'm holding my own raffle and giving away an original Unisilver Watch if I win any of the major prizes in the contest.

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