Monday, March 21, 2011

Himalayang Pilipino Treats and My Broadband Dream

Last February, on our lola’s 80th birtday, we trooped to her grave. We pitched a tent and had a nice, quiet picnic. We brought a tub of fruit salad still frozen solid while my tita brought yummy, homecooked dinuguan and puto. We snacked on this as we whiled away time and just enjoyed the stillness around us.

After some eating, my daughter and I decided to take a walk. Primarily, to keep her busy. She was getting bored from all the talking and inactivity. She is a seven year old afterall, body all-geared up for constant running. I noticed a big bronze bas relief of Tandang Sora with a solitary guard. That was our immediate destination. I thought a good dose of history wouldn’t hurt anyone. I knew that Tandang Sora (the general area) is steeped with history. I have read that Katipuneros congregated in Bahay Toro, which is in Project 7, if I’m not mistaken. I know that Tandang Sora was named after Tandang Sora herself. She was born here and contributed much to the war efforts of the Katipuneros. So I wasn’t suprised that a bas relief of Tandang Sora can be found at Himlayang Pilipino. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that she was buried there too! Pardon the ignoramus in me, I asked the solitary guard if he would by chance know where Tandang Sora’s remains lie. Of course I thought he was just guarding the sculpture and not the actual grave of Tandang Sora. Imagine my surprise when he said that her grave is just behind that relief! I just have to take a picture of it!

After our close encounter with history, we continued to walk around. Himlayang Pilipino is really a nice park. It has a few other sculptures honoring the historic struggle of the Filipino people against the Spaniards. I took a photo of Gabriela Silang’s sculpture with my camera phone, which turned out to be crappy. And then it was off to a favorite spot, Si Malakas at Maganda by the pond, actually, an irrigation canal.

My camera’s batteries have given up after this which really pissed me off. I have been charging its batteries for how many days and then it conks out after barely an hour! Arrghhh! It’s just good that i’ve already taken pictures of Malakas at Maganda, and then some.

When we got back to our tent, it was nearly nightfall. I walked around the area a bit. I found it interesting how some grave markers tell a story, of love, of remembrance or lack of it.

But what really made me want to go online is a couple of weird things. I was really bummed that my camera keeps on saying that its battery is exhausted (well, guess what? I am too!!). So I whipped out my cellphone and had to make to with its VGA camera. So there I was, prostate on the ground, trying to get a decent shot.

You know how Pinoys leave a little food on the grave marker as some sort of “offering” to the dead. Well this one, left a half-empty bottle of beer!

Another one left a piece of candy!

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  1. Can I use the tandang sora grave picture for a project? I'm going to have to crop it though.

  2. hi katrina! yes please. use it. a simple attribution will do. :0


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