Friday, January 14, 2011

Win a Scholarship! Ends 3/31

The Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School is having a birthday giveaway promo!

Contest is open to all children ages 1-6 years old only who are currently residing in Pasig City, Philippines.

How to join?

1. Send a photo (half-body) of your child to along with the following information:

  • Name of child
  • Birthday
  • Your child favorites, interests, talents, special skills, etc.
  • Name of Parent/Guardian
  • Contact Number (Telephone and/or Mobile)
  • Valid Email Address
  • Complete Address

2. We will send a confirmation letter via email to all participants.

3. All photo entries will be posted on our facebook account at

4. Share the link of your child’s photo on your wall so that others can like it as well.

Selection of Winners

There will be two (2) lucky winners per month and one (1) grand prize winner. Judging will be done by fans’ likes (70%) and judging panel (30%). The judging panel is composed of STUDENTDESK IMS Officials.

Monthly Birthday Celebrant Winners

Deadline for Submission of Entries:

  • For January Birthday Celebrants: December 15, 2010
  • For February Birthday Celebrants: January15, 2011
  • For March Birthday Celebrants: February 15, 2011
  • For April Birthday Celebrants: March15, 2011
  • For May Birthday Celebrants: April 15, 2011
  • For June Birthday Celebrants: May15, 2011
  • For July Birthday Celebrants: June 15, 2011
  • For August Birthday Celebrants: July15, 2011
  • For September Birthday Celebrants: August 15, 2011
  • For October Birthday Celebrants: September 15, 2011
  • For November Birthday Celebrants: October 15, 2011
  • For December Birthday Celebrants: November 15, 2011

Grand Prize Birthday Celebrant Winner

Deadline for Submission of Entries:

For S.Y. 2011 – 2012, only those who submitted entries until March 31, 2011 will be qualified to join.

Those who submitted entries after March 31, 2011, will be qualified for the S.Y. 2012 – 2013 instead.

Voting Period on Faceboook:

You may start voting and campaigning as soon as we posted your entry on our Facebook wall. Posting of entries is two (2) days after submission date.

So make sure you submit your entry as soon as possible so you have more time to do your campaign.

Announcement of Winners:

Announcement of monthly winners shall be on the 28th day of the month prior to the Birthday Celebrants’ Month.

Example: For February2011 Birthday Celebrants, announcement of winners shall be on January 28, 2011.

For the grand prize winners, announcement shall be on the 30th of April 2011 for the S.Y. 2011 – 2012 and on the 30th of November 2011 for the S.Y. 2012 – 2013.

Photos of the winners will be posted on the Facebook wall of Studentdesk.

Contest Prizes

Monthly Winners: 25 Party Balloons and 25 Special Gift Cards (great value discounts on regular and summer classes) for each winner.

Grand Prize Winner: Full Grant Scholarship from Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School.

All participants have a chance to be selected as image models of our school.

Claiming of prizes is two (2) days before the winners’ birthday or as advised at the Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School, 231 Dr. Pilapil St., San Miguel Pasig City, Philippines. Unclaimed prizes on the specified date will be automatically forfeited.

All prizes are non-convertible to cash.

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