Thursday, April 23, 2009

KickLight Contest. Win $2,500 and $250 weekly cash prizes!

Got the funny bone? You just might laugh your way to the bank with this contest. is offering you the chance to cash in on your digitial editing skills AND humor.

YOUR TASK — Create a kicklight on whatever topic or theme that you want. Some examples:

⇒ a travel video with kicks describing each location in more detail and links to a map
⇒ a speech or interview video with kicks providing “fact check” commentary
⇒ an art portfolio video with the kicks displaying the name of each work and their inspiration
⇒ a comedy video with kicks that comment on what’s occurring in the video

YOUR GOAL — Use the functionality that kicklight offers to create a unique, highly compelling experience for viewers. Chances are that if you love what you create, other people will as well - including the judges!

Each week from March 2nd through the week of May 4th, we'll pick the winner of a $250 weekly prize. On May 20th, we’ll announce the $2,500 grand prize winner chosen from the pool of weekly winners.

How to enter the Contest
Every kicklight that is published on KickLight between March 2, 2009 and May 11, 2009 will be automatically included in the contest. If you want to publish a kicklight during this period but you do not want to participate on the contest (what, are you crazy?!), just drop us a note at Better yet, why not win and then give the money to the charity of your choice!"

Dealine is on May 11,2009.

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