Monday, September 13, 2010

My Beauty Secret

I follow a very simple beauty regimen. I just wash my face everday, at least twice. I try not to wash it too much so as not to scrub the oil off. i read somewhere that the more you strip your face of oil, the more oil it produces. So now, I switched to a beauty bar to keep my face moisturized. true enough, it worked.

Also, I always keep a water bottle by my side to keep me hydrated. A dehydarated body always have dry skin, which isn't flattering.

Body scrubs, not professionally. The feet are the most overworked part of the body, so I occassionally indulge in a homemade scrub using table salt and baby oil mixture. It works fine. But I did have one booboo when I decided to use this mixture to exfoliate my whole body. I used rock salt, which really are like rocks! AND, it was on the day when I'm supposed to attend a wedding in a halter top gown. Fortunately, I took a bath ,much, much earlier so the red scratch marks on my arms had time to subside a little. Never again will I use rock salt to exfoliate!

But Asians Secrets' lulur seems like a nice option. It is mild enough to use everyday! I can even use it on the big day itself (whatever it is!) and not worry about getting scratches all over my body. And the good news is, Asian Secrets is having a giveaway!

Contest mechanics

1. Simply write an answer to this question!

For the brides: The big day draws near and you have to look perfect. How do you plan to look your best? Youʼre encouraged to talk about your gown, makeup artist, desired look, motif, beauty rituals, and how Asian Secrets can help you on your big day.

For the general readers: What are your beauty secrets? Youʼre encouraged to talk about the beauty products, tips, tricks that you swear by, plus how Asian Secrets can be incorporated in your routine.

2. Once you have it, blog your answer (+1 entry) and/or post it as a note on Facebook (+1 entry). Donʼt forget to include four things: your answer to the question, the contest poster, mechanics, and link to the contest page. You can also promote this contest on Twitter (+1 entry), and Plurk (+1 entry) for more chances of winning. For Twitter and Plurk entries, include the hashtag #asiansecrets.

3. Go to this blog, and leave your comments and blog entry links.

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