Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bellies and Babies Listening Promo with Tomatis

Music has always had an effect on people of all cultures all over the world. Nightclubs know what kind of music to play in the mid hours of the night to keep their clients going and going. Tribes have always used different forms of natural music instruments to display their sadness or their joy. Each one of us also know what type of music calms or excites us.

When the baby is still in the womb, he can hear his mother’s voice. From the voice box the sounds travel through the spinal column to reach the growing baby.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis was always very interested in these early phases of development and research was completed on the effects of the Electronic Ear and the Tomatis Effect on the developing baby in the womb. The use of the Tomatis Method during pregnancy was begun in 1988 at the Maternity of the Vesoul, under supervision of Dr. Klopfenstein and Marie Ouvrard. The results were so strongly in favor of the method that the Tomatis Method has become part of the hospital’s permanent practice.

How does the Bellies and Babies Listening Program help your child get the benefits stated above?

Decrease in labor time between control groups and groups who were prepared with the Tomatis Method.

  • The uterine dynamic of the women in the Tomatis group was greatly improved.
  • Babies of mothers in the Tomatis group had a superior birth weight to a gestational age that was more advanced.
  • APGAR scores showed the babies from the Tomatis group recouped faster and better than control group babies.
  • At Vesoul specifically they found a lesser need to use instrumental intervention with the Tomatis group mothers.

The mothers in the Tomatis group reported the following:

  • The quality of their dreams was peaceful and positive.
  • They did not experience the usual feeling at the end of pregnancy of being inhibited, strained or “handicapped”.
  • The disappearance of back pains
  • A normal walk
  • Better Listening
  • Increase in creativity
  • Their “psyche was on top of things”
  • The babies were calmer in the womb
  • Mothers felt more “well” and calm returning home with their babies.
  • The quality of the immediate bonding and mother / child relationship was improved.

The Mechanics

  • Please remember that for you to qualify for this Bellies and Babies Listening promo you must be a registered SP member. If you’re not yet registered, click here. As a SmartParenting.com.ph member, you can access the SP Forum populated by thousands of moms (and dads!), make your own SP Mag Cover and have your very own baby brag book.
  • Please note that the program is for pregnant women in their sixth month (or later gestation).
  • Just answer the question: How does music help you during your pregnancy? Post your answer as a comment.
  • Answers are limited to a maximum of 150 words.
  • A member of the Smart Parenting team and a member of the Tomatis team will pick the best answer and the winner after an evaluation of all entries.
  • The programs will be valid for a year from the date the prize is received and can be done in our Fort or Quezon City centers.
  • SP and Tomatis will be picking winners based on the uniqueness and creativity of their answers on July 30, 12:00 n.n. Winners will be announced on August 5, 2010.

    More on the mechanics.

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