Saturday, July 10, 2010

I should win that Android Phone!

I am a freelancer, meaning every raket that goes my way, I'll probably entertain... which makes my life a non-stop roadtrip. But being a mom and an unstoppable chatterbox, I like to stay in touch with my friends and of course my five-year old daughter. So, anywhere I go, I snap pictures of the people and places, specially the unusual scenes that can only be found out of town, and send these out to them.

The Android phone would be perfect for me. A decent camera-phone to "document" my layasans and net connectivity whenever homesickness sets in. And also, I cannot discount the fact that endless applications that can be added to the phone will help keep my daughter's attention when I'm on a trip with her. This Android phone would be a blessing from heaven. Please, please, make me the winner!

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