Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Top 5 Picks from MyAppsMall

MyAppsMall might very well be the biggest apps provider. Imagine app you'd love to have to cater to a particular task, fetish or simply provide fun when you're stuck in traffic and bored to death, and you'd probably find it here!

Here are my TOP 5 PICKS.

1. SMS Alert

It is an app that lets you personal your SMS alerts. Using this app, you can assign different alerts, preloaded or mp3's, to every contact or group of contacts in your Address Book. Now, you'll know just by the alert if the SMS is from a colleague, from a friend, from relatives, from your children.

2. Break the Silence

Pregnant pause? Dead air? Tongue-tied? With Break the Silence app in your phone, you'll be saved everytime. Since people like to talk about themselves if given the chance, this app is right on target!  

3. Motion Detection

This is hitting two birds with one stone. 
4. Disney

For moms like me, this app is very useful to keep our children still, especially on long drives. No, this isn;t just for girls. Disney came out with a variety of cartoons that also click well with boys, and I'm sure it's in here somewhere.

4. iFit

Ok, I can't explain it on my own. I find it hard to visualize. Here's what the site says:

"Having fitness exercises has never been so funny. Push-ups, Bench Press... iFit guides you by standard movement animation on screen with rhythmic sound according to your setting. The idea and mode is from a very popular interactive game console nowadays."

To look for more cool apps, just go to MyAppsMall.

This is my official entry to the Globe-YugaTech My Apps Mall Contest.

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