Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My MetroDeal Experience

Group buying sites have mushroomed all over the internet in the last two years. The logic behind it is simple: Everything is cheaper by the BULK or WHOLESALE. This is not a new concept at all, especially to shopping-savvy people who frequent divisoria, baclaran or quiapo for those thrifty-finds. So today, what with the market continuing to be very tight and competitive, because people who labor for their keep find it hard to let go of their hard-earned moolah on something that they couldn't get the best price of. Thus, the group buying sites!

Today, I just made another purchase in one of the more famous and trusted group-buying site, MetroDeal.

 It was a very easy experience. 

Once I've selected the deal I want to purchase, which in this case is a 60-min full body massage plus a 30-min foot massage for only Php199. (Quite a steal, eh?) :D 

 I was directed to the page which showed me my payment options....

MetroDeal offers a very flexible payment scheme. You can opt for bank deposits, bank to bank transfer, credit card charging, paypal, and my personal favorite, GCash.

If you picked GCash as a mode of payment, you will be directed to the page below, where you can enter your GCash number. I love how the set this up because paying thru GCash was made even more convenient. No need to type in the recipient's number and risk sending your payment to the wrong number, because this way, your payment is automatically deducted from your GCash fund.

 You'll notice that there's an explicit instruction below that you have to fill-up the cellphone number field within 5 minutes. So, if you're not decided yet, or haven't the cashed-in some amount to your Gcash Fund, better find another mode of payment for you.

I didn't know this at first, so I keyed in my GCash number, stupid me. The next page informed me that I have no sufficient funds to complete the payment. Yes, 'teh, they were that fast in confirming! :D

But after transfering funds into my GCash account, this is next page I saw....

 After awhile, I received a text message from Mozcom (the third party MetroDeal commissioned to collect payments), informing me that they will be deducting Php398, my bill for 2 vouchers, and that I need to reply with my MPIN so that the transaction will be validated.

And after less than 3 minutes, my account already reflected the deals that I bought! It took me all of 10 minutes (funding my Gcash and browsing the deals excluded) to complete a transaction. It was pretty quick!

If I got you curious and confident enough to purchase a MetroDeal deal yourself, kindly click the picture below. Too bad they don't give out points for any referrals :( I would have gladly recruited for them!

Or have you made any purchases from group buying sites already? How did it go? 


  1. wow its really that easy :) my friends only told me good things about metrodeal, and my mom also purchased the cheesecake etc and golds gym deal and said it was so easy and convenient. i guess i have to start to purchasing myself lol

  2. i've also tried cashcashpinoy, they were fast too! my voucher was ready the minute my payment was confirmed.

    buyanihan, I'm having second thoughts about. I purchased an E-loading kit last month and have redeemed it as per the voucher's instruction. but I have yet to receive my business kit. buyanihan has kindly replied to my inquiries about this and the merchant that posted the deal. I'll be scheduling a trip to the merchant's office to clear things out. hay nako! I thought this will be hassle-free, hindi pala!


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